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Milan Lucic - 1st day of training camp

Lucic on playing with Kopitar and Gaborik....
Two of the best players in the league and I get a chance to play with them.  I am excited for the opportunity.  They've already had success playing together and I just want to do what I can to contribute.

On his first training camp with the Kings?
I am still getting used to everything.  it's been a good transition so far.  Everybody has been very welcoming.  Just taking it day by day.  Kind of feel like a rookie again.  I am just going to try and bring my game.

On his style and fit for the Kings......
I think my game fits really well.  Watching this team from the outside I hope and think its a perfect fit. I hope it works out the way I think it should.  I am just going to bring my big body and physical play to the team and add to what this team already has.  i feel like i fit right into the system they already have in place.  it's not like they need me to change my style to fit the way they play.  i played a top 6 role in Boston  i am just excited to get things going.

Doughty Day 1 of Training Camp Quotes

Doughty of first practice....
Coaches made sure to make it a hard practice.  There was a lot of battling out there and that's something you don't get to do in the summer when you are skating.

On the slimmer Drew Doughty
All the guys have been laughing at me.  They haven't seen me look like this, or this good. I feel really good.  Worked really hard this off-season.   Had a lot of time to workout this off-season.  It's been beneficial for me.

The last time you had 6-pack abs.......
I've had it before.  It just kind of gets lost as the season goes on.

On many of the players coming into camp in better shape......
The boys made a real emphasis on coming into camp in amazing shape. Everyone looks great.  Now its a matter of getting back to where we were and making the playoffs.

On playing less minutes....
I'm sure there will be times when I will push the 30 minute barrier but for the most part I think the minutes will come down.  i will probably be around the 24-25 minute range which the team thinks will be better for me just because I will have more energy.  Whatever the coaches think is best for the team.

Longer summers mean less success from the past season.  What is the mindset as you start training camp?
The mindset is that we have to learn from last season.  We can't leave it to the last minute, the last few games of the regular season and try to get into the playoffs.  We learned alot.  We were embarrassed that we didn't make the playoffs last year pissed off,   I haven't seen our team come into a training camp more determined to start a season.

Doughty on being one-upped by Stamkos who took BP and fielding practice with the Blue Jays....
I have taken batting practice with the Jays before and it didn't go very well

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Jon Cooper Stanley Cup Game 4 Post Game Reaction

2015 Stanley Cup Final Post-Game 4 Transcript - (TBL - Coach Cooper)
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Chicago - 2
Tampa Bay - 1
An interview with:
            THE MODERATOR: Questions for coach.
            Q. Coach, at what point did you know that Ben was not able to go tonight?
            COACH COOPER: I don't know. I don't know whether when I knew really mattered. It was the fact I just knew he couldn't go.
            I'm sorry, I don't even know who asked that question. That's the end result, so...
            We knew today that he probably wasn't going to be able to go. Got here tonight and we just confirmed it.
            Q. Before we get into the entire game, just your thoughts on Vasilevskiy's performance tonight?
            COACH COOPER: If you tell me we're going to come in and he's going to give up two goals, that's a hell of a job in my book.
            We've had a lot of success when we've only given up two. We win more of those games than we don't. We did everything we asked that kid. That kid gave us a chance to win the hockey game. We just scored one. We got to score more than that.
            But I thought he was great. And as I've said, I've said this during the series, it doesn't matter which guy we put in there, we've got full confidence in both guys.
            He showed the pinnacle of the sport, that he can play. That's a pretty big achievement for a 20?year?old.
            Q.  Do you worry about any level of frustration for Steven specifically, a couple tremendous looks at the end? Any concern about that on his level?
            COACH COOPER: Not at all. I've watched him play. Had the best seat in the house to watch him play for two years. You don't keep him down forever. He's gone through this before. He went through this a little bit in the Detroit series, then bounced back for us.
            I'll be honest. I don't know how one of those didn't go in. I'm sure there was 22,000 nervous people in the stands when we were zipping it around there.
            What I like to see from Stammer is he got his looks, they just didn't go in for him.
            Hopefully in Game 5 you sit here saying, Stammer has a couple under his belt. I just like the fact he's getting himself in the position to score. They just didn't go in tonight.
            Q. The power play has been struggling in this series. After doing so well against MontrĂ©al and New York, why has that fallen back in this series?
            COACH COOPER: I think we have to understand we didn't really have ?? the last game was a five?on?three. We didn't have a five?on?four. You're going back how many games before we've had a power play. We haven't really practiced. Sometimes you can get a little bit out of sync.
            Did we have a couple looks on some of them? We did. We created some shots. Had some scrambles in there. I don't know if we shot enough. As the power plays went on a little bit, we tried to make the perfect play.
            But sometimes you score on them, sometimes you don't. When you lose by a goal, your power play goes 0?4, all of a sudden an alarm goes off.
            The special teams weren't the difference. They went 0?3. It came down to, you know, five?on?five. They got one more break than we did.
            Q. With the extra day of rest, do you anticipate there's a chance that Bishop could play on Saturday or is this now Vasilevskiy's net?
            COACH COOPER: Gosh, I wish I could give you an answer to that. Bish is going to play again in this series, there's no question. I just don't know which game.
            Q. Drastic difference in the shot totals tonight in the first period. What was the key to that?
            COACH COOPER: I think we were on them. I know the series is tied 2?2, but we've had a chance to win every single game. You can't ask for more than that from your team.
            I thought we were defending really well. We weren't letting them hold on to the puck and dance around the offensive zone which they have a tendency to do when they're rolling. We took the puck out of their hands early, then we possessed.
            A little bit of that, too, is we had power plays. That's going to go in our favor a little bit. I thought we defended really well. Like I said, they got a couple breaks around the net.
            Both goals, they got some bounces. Toews gets a bounce right to him, and Saad loses control of the puck, but it stays on his skate, drags to him. So they worked hard. They capitalized on their breaks. We had some unbelievable open looks that hit a stick, hit something, didn't go in.
            That's what you got to love about this sport, you never know what's going to happen.
            Q. Have you placed any extra emphasis on coming out strong right after the Hawks have scored on you? 
            COACH COOPER: I wouldn't say we've done this just because we're playing Chicago. We don't really look at it that way. As a team we feel it's extremely important, regardless if you score or whether the other team scores, how you're going to answer that next shift. I thought we did really well.
            When they scored, we answered pretty well. We came back and had some pretty good looks ourselves. We don't sit here and say, Well, Chicago's given up a few. We don't look at it this way. As a team we're worried about ourselves. I just feel that's a really extremely important shift after goals, and we've handled it pretty well.
            Q. You have talked confidently about Vasilevskiy all year, certainly all playoffs. On this stage when he performs the way he did, can you learn something else about a guy or does it simply validate what you knew?
            COACH COOPER: I would sit here and say it validates what we've known all along. You put the kid on the stage, he's going to perform. Pretty comforting for a coach knowing that you got those two guys back there in net for you.
            THE MODERATOR: Thank you.
            COACH COOPER: Thank you.

Blackhawks Game 4 Post Game

2015 Stanley Cup Final Post-Game 4 Transcripts (CHI - Coach Quenneville, Toews, Saad)
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Chicago - 2
Tampa Bay - 1
An interview with:
THE MODERATOR: Questions for coach.
Q. Team always talks about trying to find a way and everything. Considering not a whole lot there in the first 40 minutes, how much was it really that in the third tonight?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I thought we had a good second. We had some good quality stuff at their net that we were better than we were in the first period, generated some flow in our game.
Third period we got the lead. They came at us. They're a dangerous team. If we're not aware by now, that's a good hockey team. That's where we're at.
Q. In that first period, what wasn't clicking maybe? Was it difficult for the guys to stay patient?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think half the period was special teams. That was part of it. Then we picked up some momentum in the second, got going, started skating.
I don't think we were quick enough to begin the game. Spent too much time basically not generating in our end.
Q. You talk about Brandon Saad's playoffs, his Finals. Seems like every game he finds a way to bring it up another level.
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I loved his game tonight. Great power move to the net. Gives us speed. Use him in all situations. He's fast, he's big, he's strong, he's dangerous. Very good performance.
Q. The gamesmanship at the lines, the players said they knew ahead of time, running the different ones in the warmups. In a series this close, are you just looking for any edge you can possibly get, the element of surprise?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Whether it's an element of surprise... I mean, we expected their other goalie in the net tonight, too. I guess it's 50/50 tonight (laughter).
Q. You have a core group of Toews and Kane and Hossa who have been here for two championships and a third run here, Shaw and Saad came in after, Teuvo this year. How do you bring guys into the fold the way the team has done?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Every guy's got a different file to him. Saader and Shawsy spent some time in the lockout season playing in the American League. Teuvo did that this year as well. I think that's a good foundation for these young players. Nothing's given to them. They’ve got to earn it.
When they come into their team, they’ve got to earn it as well. They're certainly high-end players that certainly contribute in their ways. They get to watch some top players and learn the right way how to prepare, how to compete, how to play.
Eventually they grab a little bit more responsibility, in all their cases. It's an organization, there's some upside for these younger guys. I think that's good for the future of the team, as well.
Q. Do you ever think that Duncan Keith might be able to play an entire 60-minute game? It doesn't seem like there's ever too much for him.
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Yeah, you know, we got asked that a lot in the last two rounds, how he handles it. It's almost like the more he plays, the better he gets. The more he enjoys it.
So it's a great spot to be in as a team, knowing that as play picks up, the more he gets. The bigger the games you're getting, the more he's getting, too.
He prepares well. Took the morning off this morning. He was ready to go all night. He's a great player and fun to coach.
Q. Could you explain what you were hoping to achieve or the motivation behind the shuffle up front?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We were looking for balance in our lineup. I don't think we had enough offense from our group. I just thought last game Johnny's line has been generating most of our offense. We're trying to get some secondary scoring or secondary balance, get a more complete team game.
I thought we had some better stretches. Even though we didn't have any production for the first part of the game, the five-on-five game really wasn't giving up anything. That's usually how I measure our performance.
Q. Corey talked about being displeased with his performance the last two games. Did you feel he needed to play better to give you a chance to win?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We know the importance of goaltending game in, game out. I thought he was outstanding tonight. Call it a 'goalie win.' Loved how he battled. He's a battler. Great illustration how he stayed with it, how they swarmed us at the end. His movement, he was following the puck. He was big. Nice response.
Q. How impressed are you by his resiliency that he's shown through the playoffs and over the years with all the criticism that he gets?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Yeah, you know, I think probably a little bit more than a lot of top players. Goaltenders obviously get a lot more scrutiny. They measure a lot of times the ones that go in, not the ones you save. He always looks to push through, stop the next puck.
We saw in 2013 what he's capable of doing. This season, regular season-wise, he was outstanding. So we're happy to have him. We know the way he prepares and likes the battle.
Q. What did you think of Timonen's game? Did he earn the right to play again in the series?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I liked him. He's safe, simple, smart, hard in the puck area. He knows how to play in his own end. I like that predictability in his game. The crossbar in the end of the third, would have been a nice treat. We didn't mind his game.
Q. What is it about your high-end players that allows them to come through in this type of situation? Is it mental make-up, skill?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We got a lot of guys that are top-end guys. We don't just really look for one or two guys. I think they get some help along the way.
When you make lines, there's a lot more options out there. Sometimes we look for balance. Sometimes we look for match-ups. At the end of the day, I think that getting the other team more concerned about different guys makes us a deeper team.
That's why we say it a lot. I don't care who scores goals. Some nights it's the least-expected guys. But most of the time the charge is led by our top guys.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, coach.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for Brandon and Jonathan.
Q. Jonathan, a couple years ago when Brandon first came up, you called him fearless even then. What has it been like for you to see how he's evolved to become here the last couple years?
JONATHAN TOEWS: Well, I've always said, to me the best characteristic to his game is not necessarily his flat-out skill, his skating, all the tangible parts of his game that you can see firsthand. I think when he came into the league, he was always pushing himself every night. He was assuming more responsibility, whether it was scoring goals or playing two-way hockey.
I think he just keeps showing that. I think he just assumes that responsibility and he wants to be one of the best players, he wants to contribute in games like tonight. We saw that again.
Obviously our team is having a lot of success this post-season. He's a big reason why.
Q. Jonathan, how much did it mean to get the first goal this evening?
JONATHAN TOEWS: For myself or for our team?
Q. For you.
JONATHAN TOEWS: I think we've definitely been talking, everyone has been talking about our team starting the game with the lead. Tonight it took us about a period and a bit. We found a way to get that first one.
I think we've seen in this series, the brief times we've had the lead, they bounce back really hard. We always have to kind of survive an onslaught.
I think tonight we did a better job of responding after we scored goals, especially in the third period. You can definitely expect their team to come out as hard and press late in the game when they're down a goal. It's going to get crazy in some moments.
I think we did a pretty good job of handling it.
Q. After the team lost a few guys after 2010, you had some younger guys come up like Brandon and Andrew. They were brought into the fold seemingly very easily. Brandon, you have another crop with Teuvo, TVR. Do you take lessons that you learned from Jonathan and Patrick and pass those along?
BRANDON SAAD: Yeah. I think those two guys, especially with the amount of skill they have, it's an easier transition for sure. I don't know if they look up to me. It's mostly the captain here. You watch and learn the way he plays and competes. His passion out there is bar none.
He's a special player to learn from. I know me personally, that's who I looked up to. I'm sure those young guys are doing the same.
Q. When you noticed that Bishop was not out on the ice for the pregame warmup, did you have to make any mental adjustments, switch the scouting reports in your head?
JONATHAN TOEWS: I don't think it changes the way we wanted to play the game too much at the end. To a certain degree you could see Bishop fighting something throughout the series. But obviously he's played through it. He's played well, just like any other player.
It's been a long season for both teams. Obviously everyone is sucking it up and finding ways to perform.
Regardless of who was starting the game, I think they got two big goaltenders who can make big stops for them. We want to do all those little things we've been talking about, the usual things as far as traffic and getting those shots through.
Again, we didn't quite do that early and often enough in this game. But I think we had some chances again where pucks were just missing empty nets, redirection. We were there around the net, we just maybe got to put pucks on net a little more often, test them, make them make those stops.
Q. Brandon, Joel really likes to move you guys around on lines quite a bit during the regular season. He did that again today with you especially. Does that help you in situations like this when you're moved around so much during the regular season, does it make it more comfortable?
BRANDON SAAD: Yeah. We have a deep team, a lot of talented players that are fun to play with. When you get that experience throughout the season, you learn how each other move and how they play, that chemistry definitely helps you out there on the ice.
Whether it's with Johnny or Hossa or down the line, Kaner. Pretty comfortable with anyone. Q does his job well and fits and finds the right combinations.
Q. How impressed were you tonight with Crawford, his performance, especially at the end of the game, his ability to absorb the criticism that he's taken?
JONATHAN TOEWS: All those things you just mentioned are really nothing new for him. We know it's a big game. We're impressed. But we're definitely not surprised that Crow shows up and plays the way he did.
We obviously need him that way this time of year, with the guns, the ability, the offensive talent that they have, to make the stops that he made tonight. Obviously we need him to win games like this.
He's been a huge part of our success. Every time things maybe don't quite go our way for a couple games, for some reason he's the one who takes the majority of the responsibility. I don't know why. I mean, at the end of the day he's a selfless player and a great teammate. He's ready for whatever.
Tonight was another great performance for him. We want to continue to help him as much as we can.
Q. Jonathan, when the coach announces sort of wholesale changes up front, what is the message a player usually receives from that kind of a move?
JONATHAN TOEWS: Well, I think for the most part we got guys going from our first line to second or third, fourth line on up. I think at the end of the day we feel all four lines can contribute. All four lines need to bring everything to the table, offensively and defensively.
I think everyone responded. Doesn't matter where you are. I think guys know that this is the time of year to bring everything you got, take advantage of every opportunity you get on the ice, whether it's 20 minutes or five minutes or whatever it is.
I think we got a great bunch of guys that understand that and are ready for whatever the look our coaches are trying to give our lineup. We'll be ready for those changes and those opportunities.
Q. Brandon, what did you see on your goal? How would you describe how you finished it?
BRANDON SAAD: I was really pretty lucky. I just saw space going to the net, tried to drive and create some chaos. Goalie made a good play with poking the puck. Bounced around my feet. Finally found it to my stick. Just tried to get some wood on it and get it to the net and found a way through his legs.
Really it was trying to get to the net, create some chaos, it found a way in.
Q. Brandon, who are the guys when you grew up that you were fans of, some playoff moments you're trying to emulate yourself now?
BRANDON SAAD: Growing up in Pittsburgh it was Lemieux and Jagr a lot. Even when Crosby and Malkin were drafted to Pittsburgh and played, I was still a teenager and young, so I looked up to them as well.
Being a fan of hockey, even before being drafted, I remember 16, 17 years old watching teams have success like the Hawks, making their runs deep into the playoffs with how they compete, the amount of talent they had.
There's a lot of special players around the league. Just being a fan of the game, tend to be more playoff hockey being watched, see players have success. That's pretty much it.
Q. Jonathan, there was some question coming into the game how much Johnny Oduya might be able to do tonight with an injury issue he's battling through. He played 26 minutes, blocked five shots, plus-one. How big was that tonight?
JONATHAN TOEWS: He's been huge. Everyone liked to talk about the four D men who were absorbing most of the minutes and responsibility in the previous series. So I don't think that's changed. I think those guys are ready for whatever, whether it's playing through a few bumps and bruises.
Johnny is one of those guys, it's going to take a lot more to stop him. Huge for him to bounce back. Made a big difference for us on the blueline tonight.
Q. Jonathan, what did those final two or three minutes there feel like?
JONATHAN TOEWS: Well, I guess when you're protecting a lead, especially against a team like this, they're always a lot longer than you'd think. That's the way it is. You got to know the time on the clock. At the end of the day you don't want to be clock watching too much. You just got to be smart, try to win draws, win those little battles in tight in your zone.
They got a couple big chances there. In some way we worked for those bounces. We feel good about the way we closed out the game. I think we're happy about the confidence, coming out of this game knowing we're raising our game as the series goes along.
We're excited to rest, recover, get ready for the next one

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BLACKHAWKS Players meet with the media on off-day before Game 3

2015 Stanley Cup Final Off-Day Transcript (Chicago - Toews, Kane, Seabrook, Teravainen, Cumiskey, Coach Quenneville)
Contact Information: 

An interview with:
            THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jonathan, Patrick and Teuvo.
            Q. Patrick, two games does not make a scoring slump normally. Do you feel more heat to score, the pressure to score, in the playoffs?
            PATRICK KANE: Yeah, I mean, as an offensive guy, you want to be helping produce, especially at this time of year.
            But, you know, we said all along with our team, we don't really care where the goals come from, as long as they're coming from our team.
            You know, I think I can help in that area obviously. I think that's one of the reasons I'm on the team. That's one of my jobs here, is to try to produce offense. Hopefully start that up next game.
            Q. Jonathan, I know you guys care about winning and nothing else. Can you take a step back the next day and take notice of the aesthetic value of a game like last night?
            JONATHAN TOEWS: Yeah, I mean, there's no doubt. I think if I can think back to previous Game 1s of the Stanley Cup Final that we've been part of, it's similar in a way where both teams kind of took their time to try to test the waters, get to know each other a little bit.
            I think they came out flying. Maybe we did a little bit more of that for both teams. I think last night you saw it go both ways, especially in the second period, a lot of scoring. Probably some entertaining hockey to watch.
            Obviously we want to smarten up and not let them get away with their play?making skills as much as we did yesterday. I think that's something we can expect. It's going to get better and better as the series goes along.
            Q. Much is made about you and Patrick playing together, not playing together. It always seems to find a way. Why is it so easy to move in and out with him?
            JONATHAN TOEWS: Over the years we've had a lot of experience playing together. Whether it's the two of us or any other combination you want to throw around with some of our forwards, there's a lot of talent, a lot of ability there.
            I think you're always open to new possibilities because you know you can go out there and create some offense. There's a lot of upside regardless of who you're playing with.
            When they throw Hossa back on my line with Saader and myself, we feel comfortable, especially when we know we have to play smart two?way hockey, the three of us.
            Regardless of what Joel decides to do, we'll be ready for the opportunity of trying to mix things up a little bit.
            Q. Patrick or Jonathan, what sets Duncan Keith apart from other defensemen in the league?
            PATRICK KANE: We said it all along with Dunks, he's a workhorse back there. He not only logs a lot of minutes, but does so much for us offensively, defensively, power play, penalty kill, plays in all those situations, plays the important minutes.
            It seems like he is as prepared as anyone to play. He loves playing the game. He's always ready to try to be at his best. He's never satisfied with what he's accomplished. He's a special player, for sure.
            Q. Jonathan, Brent Seabrook keeps giving you big goal after big goal. I believe he's got the franchise mark for goals post?season. What does that mean for you to have him out there firing shots?
            JONATHAN TOEWS: I mean, he's great in the regular season, too. He always has a knack for scoring overtime winners or goals like we scored last night. Obviously we couldn't capitalize and score the next big one after that.
            I feel like you give him the puck in a great situation where he might have a good shot through traffic, he doesn't miss a whole lot of them.
            I knew I gave him that puck yesterday, I just had a great feeling he was going to score. Sure enough, he did.
            He's been playing great hockey all around, but when he gets the opportunities, makes sure he gets his shots through. He has his head up. At the end of the day we're going to get something off of the offense he's getting. He's been dangerous in a lot of ways for us.
            Q. Jonathan and Patrick, the skill set Teuvo has to score, that's important for you when other guys are not scoring. Talk about what you see in him as a young player.
            JONATHAN TOEWS: He just keeps getting better and better as he gets more responsibility. Hasn't been easy, I don't imagine, given the fact that he knows what he can do at this level. He has to come in and play behind a lot of guys who have a track record and are going to get the offensive opportunities more often than not.
            Every chance he's getting, he's making big plays. He's already doing it in the Stanley Cup Final, so it's pretty amazing to watch. A moment for me yesterday when these two guys were on the ice, you saw their similarities. I think they were in our defensive zone, for some reason they were skating circles, passing the puck to each other. You could see the skill and patience. They were in no hurry.
            There's definitely a lot of skill there. Teuvo just keeps getting better and better.
            Q. Patrick and Jonathan, you now enjoy home ice for the next couple games. Talk about the effect of having that.
            PATRICK KANE: Yeah, it's nice. It's definitely comforting coming back home now. We feel great in this building. We've had some big games here in this playoffs. There's nothing like coming back home to play in front of your own fans.
            We'll try to use that to our advantage. I'm sure if there's a game to be ready for, it's definitely tomorrow. I'm sure our crowd will help us get ready for that.
            JONATHAN TOEWS: Same way. I think we were in a great situation, not having played our best game in Game 1. We wanted to find a way to steal 2. It didn't happen. I think we did a lot of good things yesterday that we can build upon. We can be excited about going into our own building.
            Like Kaner said, I think our fans will be excited to get back. This is where they've wanted to be all year. You see those signs, Bring back the Cup. Everyone has been waiting for this moment. I'm sure everyone will be excited to be back in that building at this stage tomorrow.
            Q. Teuvo and Patrick, tomorrow the top prospects will be coming to see the game. Someone like you, who is a young guy, what advice would you give them? And, Patrick, curious about your memory of your day. You had a bit of a celebrity sighting back then.
            TEUVO TERAVAINEN: Of course, for them, come see the best hockey in the world right now, Stanley Cup Final. Just for them maybe keep dreaming, keep working hard to getting better, and someday you might be here as well.
            PATRICK KANE: I remember I was in Anaheim when the Ducks were playing the Senators, 2007. We actually sat right in front of Snoop Dog. He had a couple kids with him. One was 'Lil Snoop with the LIL apostrophe of course, and the other was Spanky or something (laughter).
            They were into the game. It was fun to sit in front of them. They had the George Parros moustaches on and jerseys. They were cheering loud. It was a fun experience.
            Q. You say hopefully it starts for you next game. What different things do you feel you need to do in order to jump?start yourself in a series like this?
            PATRICK KANE: I think throughout these first couple games, they're a good hockey team. They play pretty stingy defensively. I think coming into the series, a lot of people would think it was run?and?gun, a lot of goals. There's chances there. There's opportunities.
            At the same time I think you got to stay positive, stay patient, try not to get too ahead of yourself and start thinking offense all the time.
            Maybe make a good defensive play, and that helps translate something going into offense. Try not to think about just scoring goals too much. Just, you know, play your game and try to be confident with the puck, make plays. Hopefully something opens up.
            Q. You're all offensive players. In the event you might have to face Vasilevskiy again, what have you been able to glean from the limited exposure to him?
            TEUVO TERAVAINEN: Yeah, I guess it's my turn because these guys are talking all the time (laughter).
            Yeah, I don't know. I don't really care who's going to be in the net. I know they're good goalies both. Especially I've played against Vasilevskiy twice with the international team, so I know him a little bit. I think I've scored on him before, too.
            We'll see who is in there. I don't really care.
            Q. Jonathan, your team has a history of measuring your opponent, turning it up when you need to at the end of a series. Is there any indication you've gotten from the first two games that the Lightning are a little bit different animal, you'll have to dig deeper?
            JONATHAN TOEWS: Of course. This is the Stanley Cup Final at the end of the day. I don't think it matters what team makes it. It could be 1 through 8, at the end of the day they made it this far for a reason. We like to think that we're going to step up our game beyond where we played in previous series. They're doing the same.
            It's going to be a tough test for both teams either way. So we like to think that, yeah, we've been getting better. It's maybe a trend that we like that we get better and better as the games get bigger and bigger. We want to continue that.
            But I don't think there's any surprise. We knew they were a good team and they were going to raise their level of play coming into the series. It's not going to get any easier going forward.
            Q. Teuvo, when you heard Jonathan earlier talk about you the way he did, how does that make you feel? Do you think you're ready for a bigger role with the Hawks?
            TEUVO TERAVAINEN: Yeah, of course. Actually, I didn't listen, too many great words (laughter).
            It's just great, of course, being part of this kind of group here. A lot of experience in our group. I just try to learn from those guys. They're helping me, as well.
            Q. Jonathan, if tomorrow Trevor Van Riemsdyk gets in the game, he hasn't played in November, coming off injuries, as a captain, will you say anything to him at all about it being the Stanley Cup Final, calm him down a little bit?
            JONATHAN TOEWS: I think as a group we just try to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, whether it's anyone who doesn't play a lot of minutes, like Trevor might be getting the first opportunity in a while. Just go out there and keep it simple, do your best to phase everything out, play hockey. You're out there with five other guys. If you make a mistake, it's not the end of the world. We can help each other out.
            If it comes to that, we know he'll be ready. We'll be ready to help him out, ease the pressure a little bit.
            Q. Jonathan, after last night, Corey said he can't let that happen again. Is he the type of guy that when he demands more from himself, you can expect a good performance the next night?
            JONATHAN TOEWS: Yeah, we've seen it early in the playoffs. We've seen it throughout the playoffs up until this point. A lot of people can say he won us the game, he stole us the game in Game 1. Maybe let in a few goals he wasn't happy with yesterday.
            But at the end of the day he's always shown that he's ready to absorb that responsibility. Maybe his unfair share of the losses that our team goes through, but he bounces back.
            I think more often than not the offense that we give up has a lot to do with sometimes our team getting away from our game and letting a team like Tampa play their rush game, their skill game a little bit too much. It ends up in the back of our net.
            But Corey is there trying to back us up. Always takes more than his fair share of the blame.
            Like you said, I don't doubt that he's going to be wanting to bounce back if he's talking that way.
            Q. Jonathan, you play against a lot of good shutdown players throughout the course of the season. Unknown in Cedric Paquette. How would you describe the type of player that you're playing against and how you think the matchup has gone?
            JONATHAN TOEWS: Well, he scored a big goal for them yesterday. Like I've been saying, regardless of who I find myself up against, I know that part of playing smart defensively is trying to make someone worry about the offense you're creating against them.
            Obviously his line did that yesterday. So, yeah, I mean, I think regardless of whether Kaner, Hossa are on our line, we need to be smart in our own zone because they're still going to go out there and try to make plays, make us play in our own zone. When we've have the puck, they've been doing a great job of skating on us and not giving us a lot of time. We've just got to keep working, keep that puck down low in their zone as much as we can.
            At times we had some good shifts but gave up a little possession too easy.
            Q. Patrick, I don't think you had a shot last night. How often has that happened? What do you think was the cause of that?
            PATRICK KANE: Yeah, I mean, it's one of those stats that it happens every now and then. At the same time I can't just go out on the ice and worry about shooting the puck. I got to worry about making the right play. If that play is making a pass, and you know, I'll make that play.
            It's not a stat you like to see, for sure. At the same time going into the next game, I'm not going to go in saying, I need to get a shot here or there. I just go out and try to make the right play and worry about the results from there.
            THE MODERATOR: Thank you, guys.
            Q. Brent, I believe you're tied for career playoff goals by a defenseman in franchise history. I think you have the most in one post?season by a defenseman. Do you look for your shot more in the post?season as opposed to the regular season or is it about the same? How do you explain all the big goals?
            BRENT SEABROOK: I don't think so. I think I'm just out there trying to shoot the puck. It was a great pass last night by Toews. Hossa going to the net hard created a spot there. I didn't know where I was shooting it. I was trying to shoot it as hard as I could, as quick as I could. I didn't know if anybody was behind me. I just let it rip.
            Q. We're watching Teuvo Teravainen grow with his play. What do you see not just on the ice, but even off it as far as how much confidence, even his humor come out more these last couple months?
            KYLE CUMISKEY: He's a good kid. He's a little quiet at first. He's starting to open up a bit. I played with him down at Rockford, too. He's a really skilled player with a bright future ahead of him, I think.
            BRENT SEABROOK: He's been great. He's been a big part of this team for the last four, five months. Being able to see what he can do in the playoffs, he's fearless out there. He has the ability to make plays. Like Cummer said, he's opening up a little bit more and having some fun. It's good to see.
            Q. Kyle, coming in you knew it was going to be an interesting role. What sort of challenges have you had when you just get a few shifts or the minutes are down?
            KYLE CUMISKEY: It's a little tough when you're not getting out there too often. I think it's something you have to adjust to, make sure you're staying focused, being mentally prepared for every shift. Once you get out there, take your chance, do your job.
            Q. Brent, do you even pay attention to your own career stats and marks, where they're going?
            BRENT SEABROOK: No.
            Q. You don't like that stuff at all?
            BRENT SEABROOK: No. I'm not here to make personal gains. We're here to win a Stanley Cup. That's what our team's focused on.
            We're in a great spot. It's the best time of the year. We're looking forward to coming out and playing a good game tomorrow night.
            Q. Brent, we've talked a lot about the triplets line for Tampa Bay. What makes that line unique in the way they have been sort of a dynamic trio? What makes them difficult to defend against?
            BRENT SEABROOK: I think their familiarity with each other. They all seem to know where each other are. They're all highly skilled. They can all skate. They're not afraid to mix it up and get in the dirty areas, go to the net and whatnot.
            Yeah, they're three great players that have that ability to find each other in tight areas and make plays, be it a shot, a tip, making a pass backdoor. You got to be aware of them.
            Q. Brent, you've been here a while before the Hawks were such a hot ticket. Did you find it humorous, about not letting Hawks fans wear their sweaters in the arena down there?
            BRENT SEABROOK: I didn't pay much attention to it. I didn't really know what was going on with how that was going.
            We had a good turnout in Chicago. We always travel very well. In Tampa Bay, sorry. It's fun to see Chicago jerseys in the crowd, being able to get cheers when we score goals, things like that. It's definitely fun.
            Q. Brent, what sets Duncan Keith apart from other defensemen you've been around, either played with or against?
            BRENT SEABROOK: I think a lot of things. But I think, you know, his compete level, his battle level. He's obviously got the skills and the qualities that everybody sees night in, night out. Nobody wants to win more than that guy. He's going to do whatever it takes.
            He's one of those special, special athletes that, you know, won't give up. He's fun to have been around and watched him progress into this player that he is. I think, like I said, he's got so many great qualities that set him apart from different players in the league that make him great.
            Q. Brent, how does it affect your game or how you feel about your game when you do get on the score sheet and are productive?
            BRENT SEABROOK: It's nice to contribute. I think you're always trying to contribute whatever way you can, whether it's block a shot, make a big hit to try to change momentum, score a goal, make a nice play.
            We're out there trying to make plays every game, every night, just trying to help our team win. That's the biggest thing. It's nice to contribute with a goal, but there are a lot of other things that go into the game.
            Q. You played with Corey Crawford a lot. He was tough on himself last night. How do you think he'll rebound?
            BRENT SEABROOK: I think Corey is great. He's a great goaltender. He's shown throughout his career that he can bounce back and become the guy that we need and everybody expects him to be.
            I think last night we could have helped him out a lot more than we did. He did make some big saves at big points throughout last night's game, and especially in Game 1.
            We got to be better as a group and be better in front of him, too.
            Q. Brent, all teams enjoy home ice advantage when they have it. What is it like for you guys playing in this building?
            BRENT SEABROOK: We're excited to get back here in front of our fans. We got great fans. It's going to be loud tomorrow night. We're looking forward to getting out and getting on the ice tomorrow night.
            We have fun in this building. The fans do a great job of getting us pumped up and ready to go.
            Q. Kyle, do you look at the talent on both sides and sort of analyze it in terms of could you have imagined a matchup that would provide as much offensive talent in the league in this Cup Final?
            KYLE CUMISKEY: It's pretty impressive when you take a look at both teams. The amount of skill and speed on both sides. It's really fast hockey out there, really skilled. It's definitely fun to be out there playing. I'm sure it's making for a great series to watch so far.
            Q. Brent, there's a lot of discussion through a couple of games about how fast this series is. Jonathan talked about maybe you guys having to adjust a little bit to that in the first game. Is this some of the fastest hockey you've ever played? Do you think it took you guys a little bit to adjust?
            BRENT SEABROOK: I don't know about the adjustment period. I mean, the first period of Game 1, looked like we were standing still and they were flying.
            But, you know, it's a fast series. They're a fast team. We're a fast team. I think both teams move the puck extremely well. The defense jump up and create, you know, odd?man rushes, four or five guys skating up the ice.
            It's a fast series. It's fast when you're out there. I don't know what it looks like on TV. It's been a fast series so far. I'm sure, you know, it's not going to stop.
            Q. Obviously Tampa had a goalie change yesterday. Your team in the past has had a couple goalie changes here and there. Does that change the way you play at all when that happens or are you trying to avoid it changing the way you play?
            KYLE CUMISKEY: I think when something like that happens, you just take advantage of a cold netminder coming in, try to get as many shots on net from any angle, just test him, take advantage of the opportunity if he's not in the game yet.
            Q. Brent, if Trevor Van Riemsdyk were to get into the series at some point, what kind of advice would you give him before he goes out there?
            BRENT SEABROOK: Just to enjoy it. It's hockey. It's a game. They're big games, but it's just another hockey game. You want to try to take as much nervousness out of him as you can.
            I don't know what else you'd say. I think you'd just sort of try to keep him calm, let him play his game. He's a great player. If he plays his game, he'll be fine, so...
            Q. In the event you would have to face Vasilevskiy, because there is a limited body of work there, you haven't gotten to see him much, how do you approach that?
            BRENT SEABROOK: I think you approach any goalie the same way. He's played great for them the last, I don't know, five or six minutes the last game. You want to try to continue to get pucks and bodies at the net, make it tough for him to see. Get traffic. That's pretty much what you want to try to do.
            I'm sure if that's the case, the coaches will look into it more than what we know about him. But, you know, it's just sort of along the same lines as playing either goalies. They're both big, both great goaltenders. We just got to try to find ways to put the puck in the net.
            THE MODERATOR: Thanks, guys.
            Questions for coach.
            Q. Is there a possibility if Trevor is playing tomorrow?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: Could play.
            Q. Joel, Patrick Kane's game, two games does not make a scoring slump, but what have you seen from him? Can you assess his game so far in this series? What more does he need to do?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think that line's had some decent looks. They didn't have the production they did in the last couple games of the Anaheim series. Certainly they've had some zone time, they've had some rush chances. They've made them defend. We split them up a little bit in the third, saw how that worked out.
            But, you know, their team defense is aggressive. There's not a lot of room and time. I think that maybe changing those two guys on different lines will get us a little bit more depth and a little bit more balance, see how they can defend it.
            Q. With Teuvo yesterday you talked about him getting on the power play, not playing much before he scores a goal. Is that showing his overall comfort level or part of what a skilled player does?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: He can see plays, makes plays. You like his patience level when he does have the puck. I think he did settle down in a couple tight situations. Nice give?and?go feed.
            I think he's starting to think shot, which is really going to enhance his game and his scoring as well. Very timely goal for us. It didn't work out in our favor at the end. I think offensively he's getting a little bit more comfortable with the puck. I think off of that, it should enhance his game.
            Q. What is Bickell's status?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: Could play.
            Q. Whatever he had is gone?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think he's healthy.
            Q. In regard to Brent Seabrook, we do a lot of talking about Duncan Keith, rightfully so. How impressed have you been with Brent, especially in these playoffs? How big has he been playing the minutes he's played?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think he's had an outstanding playoff. Each series, each round I think there's progression. He really seems to rise to the big moments in these games. I think he's a real presence. Scored a huge goal for us last night. Scored some huge goals for us throughout the playoffs.
            I think defensively he's defending with a real physical presence to him. I think he's getting up in the play. He's been very noticeable as the playoffs and this series has gone on in a short time. He's a big factor, having a real good playoff.
            Q. Joel, normally coaches are the last guys that care about this. Can you sit back at all and look at last night's entertainment value, the pace of the game, respect that?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: It kind of reminds me of our last series with Anaheim. The games, how competitive, how close, how fast, up and down. I thought Game 1 was a little bit similar to that.
            But the games are on the line from start to finish. I think there's a lot of respect from our team what Tampa Bay is able to do, the quality of their team. They got some depth. We got to know going forward we got to be better than we were in the first two games. We have to progress in our team game because we haven't played our best yet. But certainly we have to be better if we want to win.
            Q. In the first two games, there hasn't been a lot of room to breathe, especially for Patrick Kane. If Bickell can play, is that one area that could maybe help out there if he's on the same line with Kane?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: We'll see on that. Certainly I think splitting those two up gives you a little bit more freedom as far as whether it's room or something for them to be concerned with. I think a little bit more balance to our offense is why we usually keep them apart. We'll see how that progresses.
            But they do like playing with one another. It certainly enhances the offense when they are together. But certainly the balance is something we'll look at.
            Q. In past playoffs when Patrick has gone through a mini scoring slump, I stress 'mini', he says he needs to demand the puck more. Do you think he needs to demand the puck more?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: Maybe playing with those two guys the puck is shared, whether it's equally or not. I think Kaner is most effective when he has the puck. He wants the puck. He can do a lot of good things with it. That's why a lot of times they're not together.
            But I find he plays his best hockey the more he gets the puck. He does a good job himself of finding a way to get the puck. His linemates are part of that, too. He's a much better player with the puck.
            Q. Patrick I don't think had a shot on goal last night. Is that an alarming stat to you? Long time since he's done that. Is that part of the problem last night?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: He didn't show up on the score sheet. Whether it's his shots or a threat to score. I thought that line did some good things. He was down with the two?on?one with Saader that looked like almost a breakaway, some other things that were materializing that were dangerous.
            Obviously certain games, your top guys aren't going to appear on the score sheet or look like they're shut down. I still think they consume a lot of the other team's priorities as far as being aware defensively.
            So in two games he's been fine. I haven't minded his game. I think he's been a threat. But obviously we would like to see some production across the board. I don't care what line steps up. I think certainly our team could be more effective in the offensive zone.
            Q. Aside from the crazy atmosphere tomorrow, how are you looking forward to being at home?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: We'll see. We haven't been here for a while seems like. We've been away. It's great to be back. I'm sure everybody will be excited we'll be playing at home. The matchups, we'll see how it all plays out.
            In the first two games, I thought everybody saw one another at some point in the first two games.
            Q. How much is their goalie situation on your radar?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: We can't be concerned about their goalie. I think it's what we have to do to make it tough on their goalies, is what we talk about. I think getting to the net and being as disruptive as we can, we need more traffic, we need more shots. Whoever is in net, let's get to them.
            Q. I know you're concentrating on hockey. Midnight Hawk, who is trained by Bob Baffert, have you talked with Bob or thought about the Triple Crown?
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: I'm very happy for him. Watched the race. Great race. I texted him. Great for the sport. Quite an achievement.
            THE MODERATOR: Thank you.
            COACH QUENNEVILLE: Thank you.

Coach Cooper, Jason Garrison and Tyler Joihnson Game 2 Post

2015 Stanley Cup Final Post-Game 2 Transcript (TBL - Johnson, Garrison, Coach Cooper)
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An interview with:
COACH COOPER: Before we get going, I hate to be that guy, I know I talk way too much when I get up here, but I won't answer a question about the goaltending and what happened tonight. I apologize for that.
Q. How about a question about yourself then, what were you thinking when you had to make that change, when Ben came to the bench?
COACH COOPER: The one thing about Vasilevskiy -- I know we have two unbelievably capable goaltenders. When Bish had to leave, there wasn't an ounce of stress on anybody on our bench, including myself. I mean, the kid proved it when he went in. He was great.
Q. What does that say about this team then? A lot of ups and downs tonight. A lot of things happening out there. When your starting goaltender goes in and out, in and out, what does it say about the team that it didn't have any ripple effect all on them?
COACH COOPER: I've said this many times, this team, we're learning the Stanley Cup Playoffs on the job. I think what happened to us the other night was a lesson learned. It's the first time that it happened to us in the playoffs. So what are we going to do about that? Put in that position again, what do you do?
That position happened midway through the game when we had the 1-0 lead. There go the two quick goals, it's 2-1. Our guys wouldn't be denied.
There was a fire on that bench when that happened. There wasn't panic, it was pissed. You got to love that in your team, that in 72 short hours, we're coming back. They did. You got to give those guys a ton of credit.
Q. What did you think of Jo's game tonight? Trailed off in the second.
COACH COOPER: I thought Jo was great. He did everything we wanted him to. He took some short shifts, which cut his ice time down a little bit. But he came into that game, and he's been prepared to play during our run here. We've had some success prior to this, so we've kept our lineup together.
But I always knew Jo was going to get in. I think he came out flying. The adrenaline, all that stuff, he was really fired up. But he was fine. Like I thought he played really well.
As the game went on, you know, everybody comes back to earth a little bit, but he got pucks in, he got them out, he was flying around the ice. He had command of the puck when he had it. I thought that line did very well in the first period. Then special teams and things took over. It was harder to get guys out.
I thought he did a heck of a job.
Q. The series is tied 1-1. In personal matchups, it seemed like it's 2-0, Cedric Paquette over Jonathan Toews in terms of the way the games have gone so far. Talk about having a guy who is hardly known to most hockey fans playing against what seems to be an all-time great and defeating him so far.
COACH COOPER: Well, this is a team sport. Cedric has been given an assignment to do something for the team. Not looking at, Oh, somebody has been defeated in this.
Ceddy is going out there and doing his job for the betterment of the team. It's been fantastic to watch.
There was a big thing last year when we brought him up in the playoffs last year, he played all four games. There's a reason for that. The kid's a gamer.
You talk about you get this far in the playoffs, you need guys that sacrifice themselves. That's all that kid's done. He may not have huge point totals, but he's done so many good things for us. It's part of the reason, piece of the puzzle why we're here.
He's been given an assignment and he's been doing one heck of a job. I was thrilled when he scored tonight. You could just tell how excited he was. It was just a weight off his shoulders that we were going to get some secondary scoring from some of these guys, then help out on the defensive end. It's phenomenal what he did.
Q. Johnny said before the game he felt his line needed to step up. Obviously they delivered tonight. What is it about those guys that seem to rise in these big occasions?
COACH COOPER: I don't know. I would say Johnny is wrong in that. They've been outstanding from start to finish. I don't think that everybody should be judged on your point totals.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Johnny's leading the league or darn close in scoring in the playoffs. You can't score every single night. It's really hard, unless your name's Gretzky.
The way the game's played today, I mean, what, did only one guy have 50 goals this year in the regular season. Guys play defense. That's turned up a notch in the playoffs. You have to contribute in other areas. That line has been really good for us, including Johnny.
But they've carried a lot of the load for us. For them to get going, it's usually a good sign for our team.
Q. What specifically, knowing all the storylines of Game 1, got your team over the hill tonight? I know about the tempo. Was there anything specifically that you saw behind the bench that you said, This is a little different from Game 1?
COACH COOPER: To be honest, I thought we started the game much like we did Game 1. The difference for me, as I answered earlier, was when we fell behind this time, there was no sitting back, we got to defend the lead. Now that we gave up the lead, we don't have any push-back. We had push-back tonight.
Again, I think we learned from that. We've played pretty well in these two games. It's 1-1. It could easily I guess be 2-0 both ways. I guess 1-1 is probably fair. But we thought we played pretty well in Game 1.
We had a tough two-minute stretch that cost us in the end. You have to be in those situations sometimes to grow from them. We did tonight.
It's one of the things about this team, I don't know, you challenge them and they seem to fight back pretty well. It was great.
Q. Did this ever happen to you with the goaltending tonight, did this ever happen to you in your career?
COACH COOPER: That's a really good question that I would need a little bit more time to answer (smiling).
On this stage, at this time, this was new for me.
COACH COOPER: Thank you.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for Tyler and Jason.
Q. Tyler, you talked the last couple days about wanting to be better and felt your line needed to be better. What was it about tonight that led to your success?
TYLER JOHNSON: Well, I thought we were a lot more aggressive today than we were in Game 1. I thought Game 1 we were a little bit hesitant making plays. That kind of added on not being able to execute. So I thought tonight's game was a lot better from the line.
Q. What was going through your mind when you saw the goalie carrousel in the third period, Bish going out?
JASON GARRISON: I guess it's kind of rare you see that, but it does happen. When it happens, you got to make sure you go out there and support the goalie coming in.
He made some big saves for us. Goalies are usually very mentally focused, even if they're on the bench. So, you know, it seemed the same way. He came in there and, you know, did his thing.
TYLER JOHNSON: Yeah, it's always tough to have a goalie come in cold like that. But we have a lot of confidence in Vasi. He's been great all season for us. We see him in practice. He's a competitor. He works hard.
We have the confidence when he gets in. He made some big saves like Garry just said.
Q. Tyler, take us through your goal.
TYLER JOHNSON: Yeah, just Kuch got it down low to me. I was taking it to the net. I wanted to get in the air, actually find a corner. I couldn't quite do that.
I got lucky enough that it kind of trickled in. It's one of those ones that I guess it just goes to the net and good things happen.
Q. Jason, two goals in the second period, you didn't panic. How much difference was there than Game 1 in terms of how you responded?
JASON GARRISON: A big difference. Obviously we didn't sit back. They came in waves of pressure. I think the speed of the game tonight was much quicker than the first game.
You know, they're going to get their chances. They're most likely going to score goals. It's how you respond after you get scored on or after you score a goal. Big moments in the game.
Q. Jason, if indeed Andrei has to start on the next game, Game 3, how will you feel about a new guy in goal?
JASON GARRISON: We feel confident. I mean, you know, they're both here for a reason. We just got to make sure that we communicate with Vasi if that's the case, support him as much as possible.
He's going to go in there, if he is, he's going to do a job for us. We're not worried about it.
Q. Jason, coach talked about how you guys are learning the Stanley Cup on the job. Two games in, does the stage feel that much bigger?
JASON GARRISON: Yeah, I mean, you can tell walking through the rink, obviously doing press conferences like this.
The game hasn't changed. That's the biggest thing for us, is to play our way. Even though there's a lot of stuff going on outside of the game, we got to make sure we focus in on what we're doing each and every night, not try to change anything just for the sake that there's a lot going on outside of the rink.
Q. Up and down, back and forth all night long. We've seen Chicago do this repeatedly in the last couple years. How comfortable will you be playing this style, this tempo?
JASON GARRISON: I think, you know, we're comfortable. We have a lot of speed, a lot of guys can skate. It's our style of hockey, I think. We just add on some defensive structure when we don't have the puck.
But I think moving the puck up as quick as we can, transitioning as quick as we can is definitely a strength for us.
Q. Tyler, you had a good look in the first period. One off the post. Were you starting to get a little frustrated at that point, not having anything go in?
TYLER JOHNSON: No, not quite. You know, obviously not scoring goals is a tough thing. At the same time there's a lot more to the game. If you're getting chances, if you're working hard, that's all that really matters. As long as the team wins.
It's tough when you hit the post when you get that close. At the same time it's bound to go eventually. We just had to keep working.
Q. Jason, five-on-five, your defensemen were involved in the offense tonight. How do you think that adjustment troubled Chicago?
JASON GARRISON: You know, I mean, for us it's been all year. As defensemen, we've been told to get up the ice, try to be a second wave. There was an emphasis on that tonight going into the game, making sure we were moving our feet, supporting the play as much as possible. We were able to contribute tonight, which was big for us.
I think last game we only were able to have four shots as a defensive corps. We wanted to make sure we contributed more defensively tonight.
Q. What do we expect now for Game 3? Is it kind of the same thing we saw in 5 and 7 against the Rangers where you're going now to Chicago, the momentum and everything, can we expect the same thing we saw in your play, aggressive or not, in Game 5 and 7 when you won on the road against the Rangers?
TYLER JOHNSON: I don't think we like to change our game. I don't think we like to say that we have a bunch of different game plans regardless of how the series went before.
As long as we stick to our structure, stick to the things that work, it's going to be a lot like tonight. It's going to be a lot like Game 5 and Game 7. Those are the games we played good in.
We don't have to change our structure, change what we do, and just go from there.