Monday, November 19, 2012

Teemu talks retirement


This lockout is killing me.  I can only cover the pros practicing in Southern California for so long before going out of my mind. With no end in site it was time for me and my buddies to get in our cars take a hockey road trip.  Desperate for hockey, our group was Bakersfield bound for a game between the Bakersfield Condors and the Ontario Reign.
It was a "star studded" media group comprised of Dennis Bernstein (The Fourth Period Magazine), John Hoven (Mayors Manor),Spike Coffman (Mayors Manor/The Fourth Period Radio show) and myself. First off, a big thank you to the Condors media department for taking care of us and helping to make this an enjoyable experience.  It's a great facility and the fans are really into it.  Lots of fans in Condor jerseys and this girl below was my favorite.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Landon Ferraro

He is the son of the "little ball of hate". The man who made "chicken parm" an everyday meal, and I mean everyday. Landon Ferraro, the son of Ray Ferraro sat down with Jonathan Davis of to talk about everything from twitter to being the son of a former NHL player. What is the deal with you, your dad and Chicken Parmigana? My dad got me hooked. I could eat it every night and be happy. Hey, it’s got protein and carbs. Everything you need in a pregame meal. You are no stranger to Twitter and I see you have over 3000 followers…. It is just such a cool way to connect with friends and other players around the league. I chirp my dad (Ray) on twitter more than anyone. Like the night he wore a flannel shirt to a country music concert. Really dad? Really, a flannel shirt. Last time you were on the wrong end of a bodycheck? Oh man, that was Brett Lebda. It wasn’t a huge hit, it’s just the guy is so solid that it felt like my shoulders were touching each other after he hit me. How about the last time you leveled a buddy of yours? That would have been my good buddy Alex Petrovic (San Antonio). I got him good and then later in the game there were guys pushing and shoving and someone grabs me and gives me the good old “face wash”. I was getting ready to deck the guy and as I turn around it’s Alex with a big old smile on his face. We both had a good laugh. Any significance to you wearing 29? I grew up wearing 13. I was a big Mats Sundin fan growin up but I don’t think Datsyuk is leaving the Wings anytime soon so I had to make a number switch. I went with 29 because I like any number that takes up alot of jersey space. Any number that makes me look bigger is a good thing. Who controls the music in the lockeroom? That would be Brennan Evans. He usually has a good variety going. I take over once in ahwhile before practice. A little Cold Play, Alexi Murdoch Who shouldn’t have control the music? That honor goes to Tomas Tatar. It doesn’t matter if it’s 8:15 in the morning or 8:15 at night. He’s blasting “house music”. My locker is right by the speakers and it feels like I’m being punched in the head everytime. Besides anything that I’ve asked. What is the dumbest question that has come your way? Some guy asked me if I was jealous of my dad. I didn’t know what to say. It pretty much put an end to the interview. Being around the game with your dad, are there any moments that stand out for you getting to meet NHL players? When my dad played those three seasons in Atlanta at the end of his career I was spending a lot of time at the rink, filling up water bottles, cleaning visors and being a general pain in the ass. Besides that I did become good friends with Dany Heatley. We would spend an hour a day just talking hockey. He’s such a great guy. Have you ever played against any of your dad’s former teammates that knew you growing up? Andrew Brunette was best buds with my dad and I got to line up opposite him at a face off and he just started laughing. Sean O’Donnell was another. We actually named our dog “OD” which was Sean’s nickname. When he saw me on the ice he said, “I know my career is over, if your old enough to be playing in the NHL.” One teammate that you better have eyes in the back of your head or you will be his next practical joke victim? That would be Triston Grant. Your head has to be on a swivel with him. I was on the trainer’s table and he walks by and rips out 48 leg hairs. Damm it hurt. He’s my roomy on the road and he has this nasty habit of hiding behind doors, in closets. He has scared the crap out of me on more than one occasion. One thing I have to say about your dad is that he has one of the coolest jobs in the business. His job has allowed him to stay close to the game that he loves so much. I guess he must look smaller than 5-10 because I remember him telling me a story about someone leaving a step stool in the box that he calls the game from with a note saying, “just want to make sure you can see over the boards.” You’ve had to battle injuries over the past few years. How much help is it having your dad who had to battle through injuries in his career make the rehab process easier? My dad had his share of knee injuries through his career so he knows what I am going through. It is so easy to get down but was a big help in keeping me focused and getting back to 100%.

Monday, November 12, 2012

California Kids update 11-12-12

Kings farmhand and LA native Brandon Kozun leads all California kids with 4 goals and 12 points. His 12 points puts him 4 back of Oilers prospect, Justin Schultz one of the most sought after free agents this past summer. Schultz leads all players in AHL scoring with 7 goals and 9 assists for 16 points. Here is a look at some other players with a California connection. Brayden Schenn 4 goals, 7 assists Landon Ferraro 5 goals, 5 assists Brett Sterling 4 goals, 5 assists Jason Zucker 5 goals, 3 assists Beau Bennett 1 goal, 6 assists Emerson Etem 3 goals, 0 assists

Week 10 NFL Recap

For all that is good in the NFL there should never be a time like yesterday's 49ers/Rams game where the game finishes in a tie. Paying customers deserve to see an outcome where one team loses and the other is victorious. It is time the NFL adopts the college overtime system and you play till there is an eventual winner. Okay, my venting is over. Now onto the recap. A great day of football yesterday. Not so good if you are a fan of the Bears, 49ers or Eagles (well maybe not the Eagles) who all lost their starting quarterbacks to concussions. The Eagles in fact may have found themselves Michael Vick's longterm replacement. Andy Reid has said Vick will be out for multiple weeks with the concussion, giving backup Nick Foles to take over the reigns and maybe save the job of the longtime Eagles coach. Foles finished the day, 22-32, 219 yards and 1 touchdown. Both Cutler and Alex Smith will both have an extra day to get healthy as the Bears and 49ers tangle next Monday night. For those of you who like to wager on games, Sunday saw the underdogs cover 7 of the 13 games. 8 of the 13 games went over the posted total but the most important stat as always is that in 11 of the 13 games on Sunday, the underdog won the game outright or the favored covered the spread. New England was the only favorite to win the game 37-31 over Buffalo) and not cover the spread (-11 1/2) and the 49ers (-12) game ended in a tie. Five of the seven dogs won the games outright. As mentioned earlier we had one tie and the Bills were the other dog.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Just one player in action on Thursday, November 8. Newport Beach's own., Jason Zucker scored his 3rd goal of the season for Houston in a 6-4 loss to Toronto.  Zucker's goal broke a 2-2 deadlock in the 2nd but the Marlies scored 4 unanswered goals in the 3rd for the 6-4 victory.

Friday night has 16 players with California connections in action.

California Kids

A new feature on will be recapping how the California kids are doing in the AHL on a daily basis.  While players like Landon Ferraro are not from California, he makes the cut because of his dad, Ray Ferraro (the little ball of hate) played for the Kings.

1.  Emerson Etem (Long Beach) scored his 3rd goal of the season for Norfolk last night who dropped a 4-1 decision to Bridgeport.  He is now just two behind team leader, Peter Holland.

2.  Landon Ferraro chipped in with an assist in Grand Rapids 4-1 victory over Milwaukee.

3.  Brandon Kozun (Los Angeles) scored a pair of goals as the Manchester Monarchs (Kings) handed St. Johns (Jets) at 4-1 setback.  Kozun leads the Monarchs with 4 goals, 6 assists for 10 points.

4.  Beau Bennett (Gardena) was stopped in his shootout attempt but his Willes-Barre/Scranton (Penguins) team was still able to notch a 1-0 victory over Binghamton (Senators).  Bennett has a goal and 5 helpers on the year which places tied for second in team scoring.

5.  Former Kings farmhand, Jeff Zatkoff stopped all 32 shots in regulation for his second shutout of the season in the 1-0 Wilkes-Barre Scranton victory.  Zatkoff is 4-4 on the year with a 2.00 GAA.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

California Kids in the AHL

While most consider California kids as surfer dudes there continues to be a growing number of kids being drafted from Socal into the NHL. A glance through AHL rosters and WESTCOASTHKY found 16 players from California currently playing in the American Hockey League.  Here is a list.

Shane Harper               Valencia, CA                    Philadelphia Phantoms
Matthew Ford               West Hills, CA                 Philadelphia Phantoms
Brett Sterling                  Los Angeles, CA             Chicago Wolves
Mitch Callahan               Whittier, CA                    Grand Rapids
Max Nicastro                 Thousand Oaks, CA        Grand Rapids
Garrett Stafford              Los Angeles, CA              Hershey Bears
Jason Zucker                  Newport Beach, CA        Houston Aeroes
Brandon Kozun              Los Angeles, CA              Manchester Monarchs
Jonathan Blum                Santa Margarita, CA         Milwaukee Admirals
Emerson Etem                Long Beach, CA               Norfolk
Ryan Lasch                    Lake Forest, CA               Norfolk
Kyle MacKinnon            Walnut, CA                      Providence Bruins
Kevan Miller                   Los Angeles, CA              Providence Bruins
Jonathan Parker              Solana Beach, CA            Rochester Americans
Casey Wellman                Brentwood, CA              San Antonio
Beau Bennett                   Gardena, CA                  Scranton Penguins

Friday, November 2, 2012

Winter Classic Cancelled

Next to the cancellation of the 2012-13 season entirely the cancellation of this years outdoor game in Detroit has to be a close second when it comes to terrible news for hockey fans.  As TSN hockey analyst, Ray Ferraro said so eloquently on TSN 1050 radio when asked his thoughts on the game being scrapped, "IT SUCKS!!"  I couldn't have said it better myself.  The outdoor game has become a huge success.  It has grown from a two day event to what would have been a week long celebration in Detroit.  In addition to the traditional Old Timers Game there were to be games featuring the University of Michigan, the Red Wings AHL farm team from Grand Rapids as well as other JR. hockey.  The celebration was to have generated 75 million for the Detroit area.
It is mind boggling to think that with intelligent leaders on both sides of the bargaining table in Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr that we find ourselves in this position and no end to the lockout in sight.  Personally, I don't care who is right and who is wrong. With no hockey being played both sides need to take a look in the mirror and wake up.  Wait much longer and you could find yourself relegated to the SPEED Network in the not to distant future.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Devils Sale

While most of the attention surrounding the NHL focuses on the lockout there is still the ongoing process of the sale of the New Jersey Devils to Calgary businessman, Bill Gallacher.  Gallacher has an exclusive negotiating period to purchase the Devils that expires on December 31, 2012.  "The sale process is proceeding right along", according a source close to the negotiation. The nasty weather that hit the New York area has slowed down the process slightly but barring anything unforeseen, the completion of the sale is right on schedule.

Selanne and Getzlaf

With the lockout showing no end in sight NHL players are looking for ways to stay in shape.  While some have chosen to go overseas and play in the KHL and other European leagues others are content to stay in North America.  A group made up of mostly Anaheim Ducks players are skating three times a week at the Ducks practice facility in Anaheim.  Veterans like Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu, along with Bobby Ryan, Ryan Getzlaf, Jonas Hiller, Francois Beauchemin as well as Devon Setoguchi (Minnesota Wild) and Dustin Penner (LA Kings).
While the players who have chosen to participate in the leagues overseas may be in better game shape come the eventual start of the season, players like Ryan Getzlaf have chosen to stay behind because of family responsibilities.
"With a 20 month old and my wife due with our second child in December there is no way I could have taken off and be that far away from home", the Ducks captain told Westcoasthky.
The group practices hard for 90 minutes going through all the standard skating and shooting drills that would take place during a normal NHL practice before ending off with a little 2on2 hockey game.

Teemu Selanne and Ryan Getzlaf looking on during 2 on 2 game